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As Medical Superintendent of Arwyp Medical Centre it has been my privilege to work closely with Leonard on many levels. As personal coach and mentor he has enabled me to gain a better understanding of my competencies and shortcomings and allowed me the opportunity to become a more balanced executive.

His broader insight allows for constructive debate and reflection when difficult matters arise.

I have found his input invaluable and his philosophy and systematic approach has given me a new perspective and point of departure when making crucial managerial decisions. He has taken our senior and middle management teams to a higher level of teamwork focused development of skills based on his analysis. The benefits are clear in the synergistic approach the team has adopted to challenges following his intervention.

Leonard systematically built a relationship of trust with key individuals on all levels and in all departments of our organization. I believe he has the greatest global understanding of the organization and the dynamics within our structures of management. The trust he has created allows us to utilize his skill with great effect when key people are facing challenges and need debriefing and counselling to regain optional functioning in the team.

All staff members privileged enough to gain from his interaction is left with a better definition of their role in the organization allowing focused effort and growth on many levels. I have great appreciation for the progress we have made on all levels of management under the guidance of Leonard Carr.

Dr. Henry T Du Plooy
Medical Superintendent
Arwyp Medical Centre (Pty) Ltd

I would like to commend Leonard Carr for his work in developing teams that are functional and contribute to the expected level of professionalism at the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE).
We have individuals with great talent at the Department but we have often lacked leadership and team cohesiveness. Leonard came in and continually challenged teams to take ownership and trust each other to play up to our collective abilities. In addition, he continually gave me great insights in understanding and communicating with my team. I must confess Leonard understood me a lot better than I understood myself. Thanks Leonard for always having foresight, but most importantly for teaching me that there is more to life than my job, I am positive that my family will be able to benefit from me as a mother, wife, sister and daughter before my life cover kicks in. Your teachings have definitely taught me to always see the bigger picture. It is my pleasure to recommend Leonard Carr and I can guarantee his signature impression that of trustworthiness and a personal mentor.

Ms Vimla Maistry
Chief Director: Communications & International Relations
Department of Public Enterprises

Leonard takes his assignments very seriously and work with great dedication and professionalism.

Elsabe Business Consultant in 2007
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

I met Leonard as a result of a candidate recommendation – Leonard had facilitated a meeting between her and her manager that allowed them to ‘see’ each other for the first time, resulting in a transparent/unloaded conversation. Since then I have observed how Leonard’s insights and understanding of people has let them see the other side of their problem – which has set them free. I have recommended a number of people who are stuck in life and career to Leonard – those that have been committed to learning and implementing the tools he gives them are moving forward. It is a rare person who makes the world around him a better place – Leonard has that gift.

Leonie Ellis
Director, The Global Skills Exchange
(business partner)

“Leonard is a very personable guy. He listens intently, and offers out of the box thinking. He uses his wide experience to make very practical recommendations.”

John Gachora
(client) John hired Leonard as a Business Consultant in 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

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Arwyp Medical Centre was privileged to engage and benefit from the diverse professional services offered by Leonard Carr for over three years. His unmatched knowledge of Enneagram (study personalities) helped us immensely in recruiting the correct personalities for positions and where people are already in employed in positions he helped them to leverage on their strength. He has mentored and coached many of our managers with commitment and conviction. Leonard added a lot of value to our organization

Margaret Ireland
(client) Margaret hired Leonard as a Business Consultant in 2007 Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

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Leonard introduced our management team to the Enneagram model of personal behaviour styles and it had a tremendous impact on my life and work efficiency. He has amazing insights and an exceptional capability to digest intricate psychological concepts and apply them in a very pragmatic way.

Deon Oosthuizen
(client) Deon hired you as a Leadership consultant in 2006 and hired Leonard more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

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Leonard’s knowledge and experience with regards to Organisational Development is truly exceptional. His ability to see things within an organisation has created many new possibilities for us at Toyota East Africa.

Hylton Bannon
(client) Hylton hired Leonard as a Organisational Development in 2009 and hired Leonard more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

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I’ve worked with Leonard for many years now and find him focussed on the objectives agreed upon and blatantly honest about his feedback thereby creating greater awareness of potential problems and obstacles resulting in favourable outcomes.” November 16, 2009

Otto Wypkema
(client) Otto hired Leonard as a Business Consultant in 2004 and hired Leonard more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Leonard is a professional with unmatched integrity, a sophisticated and wise thinker, clear and cool headed with an endearing sense of humour. It is a rare priviledge working with a man of Leonard’s humanity and vision.

Marc Falconer
Marc hired Leonard as a career coach in 2007 and hired Leonard more than once
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“Leonard is an excellent resource for your business to partner with. He understands the dynamics’ of organisations and is able to recommend and implement effective solutions. His work integrates people, organisations and world dynamics, ensuring that the solution provided is well thought through and effective. It is often said about Leonard – that he has the ability to read an organisation and pin-point the critical issues that are at the heart of the problem/challenge as though he had been in that organisation for years. Leonard is also an excellent executive coach who offers key insights to resolving management and team issues – which are drawn from his experience and research.”

Shireen Crosson
Shireen hired Leonard as a Clinical Psychologist and Consultant in 2006 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Leonard Carr is one of the only clinical psychologists who come to my mind as being ‘integrally informed’ and working from a holistic perspective. I find he makes an original contribution to the thinking and understanding of how organisations work. He offers innovative and practical ways to improve organisational and individual functioning through his sharp insight and personable and easy work style. His broadcasting and consulting experience positions him as an international thought-leader in both personal and organisational psychology and well-being. I am always enriched and encouraged by my experience of working with Leonard.

Martin Egan
Principal Consultant
Axialent Faculty, Axialent (colleague) worked directly with Leonard

Leonard is a highly skilled and experienced psychologist, who brings a deep understanding of the human spirit and psyche to his work. He is a warm and empathetic person, hugely knowledgeable in the human sciences, and can be recommended in many contexts as someone who can add value to the human experience. Working from a systems perspective, he never loses the common touch!

Mark Turpin
Mark hired Leonard as a Business Consultant in 2005 and hired Leonard more than once.
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

“Leonard has provided valuable service to me in both my professional personal capacities. Leonard’s ability of listening to a problem definition and determining, in a very short space of time, the root cause or contributing factors, has often times allowed me to focus on the issues at hand and discard the inconsequential or distracting peripheral factors. I highly recommend Leonard when you are looking for deep insights into personal and personnel behaviour and when you are investigating methods to optimise the deployment of human capital (people) in your business.”

Stephen Owens
(client) Stephen hired you as a Career Coach in 2002 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“I have known Leonard for approximately 25 years, as a friend, and on a professional level. Leonard is a deeply perceptive person. He brings to his work highly developed inter-personal skills that have been nurtured over several decades, interwoven with his deep intuition and wisdom gained from his studies as a psychologist and a highly intelligent creative thinker that probes all areas of human endeavour from Biblical to contemporary sources. Leonard has studied under masters in their respective fields. I highly recommend Leonard and I am confident that he will add great value to every interaction.”

Hugh Raichlin
(client) Hugh hired you as a Career Coach in 2006 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Leonard is an expert in the area of human development and leadership. He is a rare talent and can be deployed at any strata of the organisation, from the top CEO and team of listed companies, right down to middle management and beyond.”

Paul Bacher Ceo ORT Jet

“Leonard is a gifted and insightful therapist who combines accurate intuition with personal warmth. He is extraordinarily sensitive in his assessment of his clients’ vulnerabilities and is innovative in the ways he finds to foster the development of resilience. He is skilled in the use of a wide array of psycho-dynamic, cognitive therapy and many other conceptual lenses, which he marshals and uses with both humour and humility. He is committed to the healing process and his approach is solution-oriented.”

Dr Martin Connel

As an attorney I have acted for parents in custody disputes in the context of the parental alienation of their children and for women in highly abusive relationships who have killed their partners. Leonard Carr has brought clarity and deep insight into the psychological factors at work in these fraught situations in advice, medico- legal opinions and in expert evidence in court.less

Moray Hathorn
Partner at Webber Wentzel You worked with Moray but at different companies
Marriage Preparation & Enrichment/Prevention Programmes Coordinator

Leonard Carr has been a popular presenter at the professional development programme in our organisation for many years.

His talks have always been enriching, informative and inspiring. The feedback from colleagues has been very positive with requests for him to be invited again to address this forum.

He has an outstanding reputation as a skilled professional as well as an accomplished orator.

He is a sought after presenter in the Jewish community at shuls, schools and general community events.

Leonard expertly blends and intertwines the wisdom of the Torah with his knowledge of clinical psychology.

His talks reflect his insight into the true source of any understanding into the human psyche.

He runs personal growth workshops and will be facilitating a marriage enrichment workshop for the organization during the course of 2014.

Sheila Furman, Lara Noik
Social Worker

The Chevrah Kadisha Community Social Services is a welfare organization operating in Johannesburg, South Africa and Leonard has definitely contributed toward enriching the work of our professionals and is a reputable referral source.We highly recommend Leonard for this endeavour.

Dayan on Johannesburg Beis Din, (Rabbi) Dovid Baddiel

Mr Leonard Carr is personally known to me as one of the few marriage guidance counselors whose professional work is completely in harmony with Torah.

His methods are solidly based on Torah values and through his work he is a strong advocate of the sanctity of Jewish marriage in all its dignity and greatness.

His counselling is always with empathy and feeling and delivered with a fatherly touch, with understanding and consideration, never in a pressing or over-bearing way.

In addition to being the son-in-law of the renowned Rosh Yeshiva, the late Rabbi Azriel Goldfein, of blessed memory, he is a Torah personality in his own right and much respected in the Yeshiva world of today as well as a person who has considerable secular knowledge.

His clever insights, delivered with wit and wisdom, are most welcome in today’s world.

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr Carr to all those in the Torah world, who wish to avail themselves of his wisdom and experience, to be enriched and enlightened with Torah values in this important field.”

Yours Faithfully,
(Rabbi) Dovid Baddiel

Having Leonard Carr as our consultant has been a privilege.

Leonard has an ability to integrate many facets of life when dealing with an issue.

His involvement in legal and Psycho-legal work as well as religion and community matters adds a fascinating dimension to his supervision.

His interpretation of situations and management thereof is always relevant and helpful.

He is able to use his own experiences and expertise when assisting in case management and he is interesting, insightful and knowledgeable.

We have particularly valued his input around policy development and implementing structures to benefit the school and the community.

His commitment to our team and to our schools is evident and we have been able to learn and grow both personally and professionally through his sessions.

We value his availability and dedication to Jewish education in South Africa.

King David School Counsellors

On a visit to South Africa several years ago I met Leonard Carr and came to know him as a highly respected expert in relationships, who has a well-earned reputation as innovative, insightful and gifted in translating expertise into valuable and usable workshops for singles who are seeking to deepen their relationships.

Working closely with Dr. Carr, Shira (Strassman) Teichman founded “Breakthrough”, a practical solution to the challenges of Jewish dating. Through a combination of social and educational programming Strassman and Carr impart the wisdom and resources necessary to navigate the dating process with clarity and success.

Through role-plays, lectures and a combination of powerful exercises designed to foster self-awareness, clarity and insight Breakthrough has been successful in equipping singles with an enhanced appreciation of personal strengths and blind spots in a manner that many participants have found to be effective in reinvigorating their dating experiences.

In a number of instances, Breakthrough participants have attributed finding a spouse to their participation in the program.

I have reviewed the formal feedback forms given to the participants who typically describe the experience as invaluable in giving them clarity and practical strategies for deepening relationships.

I recommend this program for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the dating process and are seeking to build a lasting relationship.

Dr. David Pelcovitz

Chair of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University

Leonard Carr has been a source of immense support for victims of abuse in the Jewish community.

He has given of his time freely to assist victims by accompanying them to the Bet Din, without charging for his time.

He has deep insight into the mechanics of abuse, and his knowledge and understanding of this issue, as well as the wealth of experience in dealing with abuse victims gives him a unique and valuable voice.

Leonard has assisted Koleinu by giving a series of talks on the anatomy of abuse for the public, and these talks have been extremely well received.

Leonard has an interactive style of lecturing and his responses to people’s questions are extremely clear and helpful. For many people, his input has been paradigm shifting. As a result of his talks new victims have come forward to ask for help.

Leonard demonstrates an approach of abundance when sharing his knowledge and assisting others. His experience in this area is obvious and he is a great resource for Koleinu. He is easily accessible and always willing to give of his wisdom.

We have no hesitation in recommending Leonard and wish him ongoing success. If you have any queries in this regard please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Hendler and Rozanne Sack

We at ABSA Capital owe Leonard a debt of gratitude for the enormous contribution he has made to the firm over the past year, as we have embarked on this journey to turn our story into a legend.

Leonard has been invaluable in assisting the firm’s leadership in getting in touch with the human capital aspects of the business, as well as availing himself to employees around personal and professional matters.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Leonard for his contribution in helping to lay a solid foundation for the human capital aspects of our firm, and wish him every success in the future.

Stephen van Coller CE, Absa Capital
ABSA Capitol
Pulane Kingston Head: Strategic Support Services