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Dr. Henry T Du Plooy

Nov 25, 2019

As Medical Superintendent of Arwyp Medical Centre it has been my privilege to work closely with Leonard on many levels. As personal coach and mentor he has enabled me to gain a better understanding of my competencies and shortcomings and allowed me the opportunity to become a more balanced executive.

His broader insight allows for constructive debate and reflection when difficult matters arise.

I have found his input invaluable and his philosophy and systematic approach has given me a new perspective and point of departure when making crucial managerial decisions. He has taken our senior and middle management teams to a higher level of teamwork focused development of skills based on his analysis. The benefits are clear in the synergistic approach the team has adopted to challenges following his intervention.

Leonard systematically built a relationship of trust with key individuals on all levels and in all departments of our organization. I believe he has the greatest global understanding of the organization and the dynamics within our structures of management. The trust he has created allows us to utilize his skill with great effect when key people are facing challenges and need debriefing and counselling to regain optional functioning in the team.

All staff members privileged enough to gain from his interaction is left with a better definition of their role in the organization allowing focused effort and growth on many levels. I have great appreciation for the progress we have made on all levels of management under the guidance of Leonard Carr.

Dr. Henry T Du Plooy
Medical Superintendent
Arwyp Medical Centre (Pty) Ltd

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