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November 25, 2019

Leonard Carr has been a source of immense support for victims of abuse in the Jewish community.

He has given of his time freely to assist victims by accompanying them to the Bet Din, without charging for his time.

He has deep insight into the mechanics of abuse, and his knowledge and understanding of this issue, as well as the wealth of experience in dealing with abuse victims gives him a unique and valuable voice.

Leonard has assisted Koleinu by giving a series of talks on the anatomy of abuse for the public, and these talks have been extremely well received.

Leonard has an interactive style of lecturing and his responses to people’s questions are extremely clear and helpful. For many people, his input has been paradigm shifting. As a result of his talks new victims have come forward to ask for help.

Leonard demonstrates an approach of abundance when sharing his knowledge and assisting others. His experience in this area is obvious and he is a great resource for Koleinu. He is easily accessible and always willing to give of his wisdom.

We have no hesitation in recommending Leonard and wish him ongoing success. If you have any queries in this regard please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Hendler and Rozanne Sack

November 25, 2019

On a visit to South Africa several years ago I met Leonard Carr and came to know him as a highly respected expert in relationships, who has a well-earned reputation as innovative, insightful and gifted in translating expertise into valuable and usable workshops for singles who are seeking to deepen their relationships.

Working closely with Dr. Carr, Shira (Strassman) Teichman founded “Breakthrough”, a practical solution to the challenges of Jewish dating. Through a combination of social and educational programming Strassman and Carr impart the wisdom and resources necessary to navigate the dating process with clarity and success.

Through role-plays, lectures and a combination of powerful exercises designed to foster self-awareness, clarity and insight Breakthrough has been successful in equipping singles with an enhanced appreciation of personal strengths and blind spots in a manner that many participants have found to be effective in reinvigorating their dating experiences.

In a number of instances, Breakthrough participants have attributed finding a spouse to their participation in the program.

I have reviewed the formal feedback forms given to the participants who typically describe the experience as invaluable in giving them clarity and practical strategies for deepening relationships.

I recommend this program for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the dating process and are seeking to build a lasting relationship.

Dr. David Pelcovitz

Chair of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University

November 25, 2019

Mr Leonard Carr is personally known to me as one of the few marriage guidance counselors whose professional work is completely in harmony with Torah.

His methods are solidly based on Torah values and through his work he is a strong advocate of the sanctity of Jewish marriage in all its dignity and greatness.

His counselling is always with empathy and feeling and delivered with a fatherly touch, with understanding and consideration, never in a pressing or over-bearing way.

In addition to being the son-in-law of the renowned Rosh Yeshiva, the late Rabbi Azriel Goldfein, of blessed memory, he is a Torah personality in his own right and much respected in the Yeshiva world of today as well as a person who has considerable secular knowledge.

His clever insights, delivered with wit and wisdom, are most welcome in today’s world.

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr Carr to all those in the Torah world, who wish to avail themselves of his wisdom and experience, to be enriched and enlightened with Torah values in this important field.”

Yours Faithfully,
(Rabbi) Dovid Baddiel

November 25, 2019

Leonard Carr has been a popular presenter at the professional development programme in our organisation for many years.

His talks have always been enriching, informative and inspiring. The feedback from colleagues has been very positive with requests for him to be invited again to address this forum.

He has an outstanding reputation as a skilled professional as well as an accomplished orator.

He is a sought after presenter in the Jewish community at shuls, schools and general community events.

Leonard expertly blends and intertwines the wisdom of the Torah with his knowledge of clinical psychology.

His talks reflect his insight into the true source of any understanding into the human psyche.

He runs personal growth workshops and will be facilitating a marriage enrichment workshop for the organization during the course of 2014.

Sheila Furman, Lara Noik
Social Worker

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