Hot off the PRESS
with Leonard


Warts and All

Learning to love and accept yourself for who you are

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Making Tough Choices

By challenging ourselves, we bring out our best

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Working on the Quality of Tzniut

Learning to tune out distractions and focus on others.

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Leaving slavery BEHIND US

Becoming truly liberated through serving Hashem

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On the Periphery of Society

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The tactics may change, but the bad behaviours know no age

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Good Grief

Navigating the process of mourning

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The Critic Within Us

Judging our shortcomings…and those of others

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Creating a Better World

Striving for Shalom by letting go of farribles.

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Everyday gains and Losses

Coping with the constant changes in our lives

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Ask yourself this

Use the summer holidays to get caught up with the most important person in your life: You

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