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Your true mission

AS HUMAN BEINGS, DEEP DOWN WE ALL LONG FOR the same thing. The busyness of everyday life usually gets in the way, and we forget what we really wish to experience in life.

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Marraige a Package Deal

FAMILY CELEBRATIONS ARE WONDERFUL OPPORTUNIties to create new, shared history with loved ones. They are ideal times in which to enhance relationships, forge closer bonds, nurture intimacy, foster goodwill and unity.

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The Freedom to be Whole

THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM IS THE FREEDOM TO BE whole, to live wholeheartedly and to feel complete. You experience true shalom in those perfect moments when the best of who you are shows up at the right place at the same time.

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Looking through the Aprecitve lens

YOU WERE BORN WITH ABUNDANT UNIQUE GIFTS and talents. Sharing the best of who you are is the greatest gift that you can give the world. Discovering your gifts and bequeathing them to the world is the way to become whole and to ultimately achieve inner serenity and joy.

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Apreciative Witnessing in Practice

PEOPLE SHOW UP IN RELATIONSHIPS WHEN THEY feel invited by an interested, respectful and caring host. T ey recoil or withdraw from people who, by their communication styles, show the opposite of hosting which is controlling, dominating or exploiting.

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Appreciative hosting-Before you react

The vision of Project Shalom is to empower you to fully embrace your reality in ways that allow you to grow closer to and become more deeply aligned with the ideal of shalom. Shalom is a name of Hashem.

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The Choice to be Whole(Health Challenges)

WHOLEHEARTED LIVING When you embrace this idea, you will easily grasp the idea that healing yourself begins when you fully and wholeheartedly appreciate and embrace your experience, your humanity and your life.

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The Alchemist

WHENEVER YOU EXPERIENCE EMOTIONAL DISCOMFORT or unhelpful mental preoccupations, you should ask yourself – as soon as you become aware of the problem – if it actually belongs to you, to another person, or maybe even to Hashem.

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Paradise Lost

Rabbis teach us that the happiest days of a person’s life are the days spent in the womb. We are taught the entire Torah by an angel; we are able to see from one end of the world to the other.

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The Stories we Tell

WE ALL LOVE STORIES, AND FROM THE TIME WE were small children, we enjoyed listening to stories. Stories are really our 5 rst introduction to organised ideas about how the world works

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